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February 23, 2017

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Retired shot putter Adam Nelson is among those who will speak to the Subcommittee On Oversight & Investigations, which is looking into ways to "strengthen & Improve" the system…
Curtis Akey & Tyler Mayforth lay out a by-loop analysis of all the collegiate action to come over the course of the next few days…
In Big Question No. 2 from the March issue of T&FN, Sieg Lindstrom looks at the up-and-coming trio of Clayton Murphy, Boris Berrian & Donavan Brazier, members of the all-time U.S. top 10…

In a long analysis of the ongoing Olympic bidding, Alan Abrahamson quotes the head of the now-dead Budapest bid. Abrahamson goes on to say, "The IOC has got itself—and this is its own damn fault—in a crack"…

The USATF Foundation announces a $2.5M gift from Stephen A. Schwarzman…
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  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best 2nd leg Ford Palmer (taking handoff)
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4 x Mile World Best For Hoka NJNY TC
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best anchor Kyle Merber
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best first leg Donn Cabral
  • O’Connor Invitational: 300 High School Record-Setter Sydney McLaughlin (36.82)
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best 3rd leg Graham Crawford

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