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April 24, 2014

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At least 5 people ran with that tag in the Boston Marathon and the real owner isn't happy about it…
As featured in the May issue of T&FN, a new service to help athletes promote themselves is now up and running…
Be sure to check out this 16-page PDF from one of the sport's great statisticians, with a detailed by-event look at each and every one of the big meet's competitions…
A deep look at the long weekend's coming action, with most of the top-rated teams being at either Penn or Drake…
In March of 1963 we headlined, "NCAA, AAU Still At It," and noted General MacArthur's take that the two bodies were probably fighting over "international prestige"…
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  • Uceny Morgan1a-BaaMile14a
  • Hall-Keflezighi-Abdirahman-Boston14a
  • Robinson PaulBaaMile14a
  • Jeptoo Rita-BostonM14a
  • Keflezighi MebFistPump-BostonM14a
  • Kflezighi MebFV-BostonMar14a
  • Flanagan ShalaneR-Boston14a
  • Daska Mamitu-Baa5k14a
  • Gebremeskel-TrueFV-Baa5kma
  • Willis Nick1-BaaMile14a
  • Kampf-Uceny-Felnagle-BaaMile14a
  • Manzano Leo1d-BaaMile14a
  • Keflezighi MebFVR1-Boston14a
  • JeptooLeadsPack-Boston14a
  • Huddle Molly1b-Baa5k14a
  • Flanagan ShalaneLedsW-Boston14a
  • BAA Mile 2014: Winner Morgan Uceny
  • Boston Marathon: men's race early miles
  • BAA Mile 2014: Paul Robinson (2nd)
  • Boston Marathon: Winner and course record-setter Rita Jeptoo (2:18:57)
  • Boston Marathon: Winner Meb Keflezighi
  • Boston Marathon: Winner Meb Keflezighi
  • Boston Marathon: 7th (1st US) Shalane Flanagan (2:22:02)
  • BAA 5K 2014: Mamitu Daska (2nd)
  • BAA 5K 2014: Dejen Gebremeskel (1st), Ben True (2nd)
  • BAA Mile 2014: Winner Nick Willis
  • BAA Mile 2014: Heather Kampf (2nd), Morgan Uceny (1st), Brie Felnagle (3rd)
  • BAA Mile 2014: Leo Manzano (3rd)
  • Boston Marathon: 2014 champion Meb Keflezighi
  • Boston Marathon: Course record-setter Rita Jeptoo (2:18:57)
  • BAA 5K 2014: Winner Molly Huddle
  • Boston Marathon: Front-running Shalane Flanagan

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