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Before travelling to any meet, always confirm the details with somebody at the meet itself, because schedules do change, and it's not uncommon for websites (yes, us too) to go a long time between updatings.

We welcome all corrections.

  • 2016 Major Indoor Championship Meets Daily Timetables
    Our links give you the specific timing for each event at the NCAA Championships, USATF Championships and World Indoor Championships. The NCAA and USATF links go to the official meet sites; the World Indoor link goes to T&FN’s own color-coded schedule.
NCAA Indoor Champs USATF Indoor Champs World Indoor Champs

  • 2016 Major Outdoor Championships Daily Timetables
    These links give you the specific timing for each event at the NCAA Championships, Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. All the links go to T&FN’s color-coded-by-sex versions.
NCAA Champs Olympic Trials/USATF Champs Olympic Games

  • Future Fixtures: A T&FN overview of major-major happenings, 2016-2024
    (think of this as a guide to planning your major vacations; includes non-track events)
    Future Fixtures

  • 2016 International Meets
    Includes the professional circuit as well as international championship meets.
    International Circuit

  • T&FN Guide To The ’16 Diamond League
With this handy guide you can see the DL schedule two ways: each meet with its events listed, or a list of the events and in which meets they are contested.
Which Events Are In Which DL Meet? Which DL Meets Have Which Events?

  • 2016 Major U.S. Outdoor Meets
    These listings are restricted to high-quality outdoor meets to be contested in the U.S. The most complete compilation of domestic competitions—including detailed contact information for all meets—is produced by USATF. Their searchable calendar is available online at
Relays & Invitationals Dual Meets Conferences Nationals

  • 2016 Major U.S. Outdoor High School Meets
Major High School Meets High School State Meets

  • 2016 Off-Track Racing
    Includes IAAF Road Circuit, Major Marathons, U.S. Road Circuit, IAAF Walk Challenge, Major XC Champs.
IAAF Road Series Major Marathons U.S. Road Circuit IAAF Walk Challenge Cross Country

  • What’s On U.S. TV?
    “Superfan” Jesse Squire annually produces an amazing compilation of links and listing for all things track.
    Check out his blog

May 9, 2016