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July 23, 2014

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The Executive Director of the National Scholastic Athletic Foundation is enjoying his 13th World Junior Championships…
No few than 12 links to explore asa the coaches association offers up many honors across all three NCAA divisions…
Original music with a live orchestra to accompany a championships 10K? Such was the tough task handed to Brian McWhorter…
Matt Majendie looks at the "amazing partnership" between the 800's World Record holder and his former missionary mentor…
In analyzing Oregon's chances of getting more big international meets, Alan Abrahamson notes that while Eugene is brilliantly branded as a track city, football remains king…
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  • Carter KoriQ1b-USout14a
  • Rodgers MichaelSF-USout14a
  • Kovacs JoeCapitolV1a-USout14a
  • McPherson InikaR-USAout14a
  • Henderson Jeffery-USAout14a
  • Jager Evan1a-USout14a
  • Suhr Jenn1-USAout14a
  • ConleyLedsHasay-USout14a
  • Harper DawnSF-USAout14a
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  • Tarmoh JenevaSF1-USAout14a
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  • Manzano LeoSt1-USout14a
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  • Smock Amanda-USout14a
  • Simpson JennyFVV-USAout14a
  • Allen DevonSF1-USAout14a
  • Kynard Erik1-USAout14a
  • Claye Will1-USout14a
  • Mitchell Curtis1-USout14a
  • Solomon DuaneFVV-USAout14a
  • Huddle Molly1-USAout14a
  • Bartoletta TianaSF-USout14a
  • Hardee Trey400M-USAout14a
  • Carter Michelle-USout14a
  • USATF Champs: 10,000 winner Galen Rupp
  • USATF Champs: 400 hurdles winner Kori Carter
  • USATF Champs: 100 winner Michael Rodgers
  • USATF Champs: shot winner Joe Kovacs
  • USATF Champs: high jump winner Inika McPherson
  • USATF Champs: long jump winner Jeff Henderson
  • USATF Champs: steeple winner Evan Jager
  • USATF Champs: pole vault winner Jenn Suhr
  • USATF Champs: 10,000 winner Kim Conley
  • USATF Champs: 100 hurdles winner Dawn Harper-Nelson
  • USATF Champs: discus winner Hayden Reed
  • USATF Champs: heptathlon winner Sharon Day
  • USATF Champs: 400 winner Francena McCorory
  • USATF Champs: 5000 winner Bernard Lagat
  • USATF Champs: hammer winner Kibwé Johnson
  • USATF Champs: steeple winner Emma Coburn
  • USATF Champs: 200 winner Jeneba Tarmoh
  • USATF Champs: 800 winner Ajee' Wilson
  • USATF Champs: pole vault winner Sam Kendricks
  • USATF Champs: 400 hurdles winner Johnny Dutch
  • USATF Champs: 1500 winner Leo Manzano
  • USATF Champs: discus winner Gia Lewis-Smallwood
  • USATF Champs: triple jump winner Amanda Smock
  • USATF Champs: 1500 winner Jenny Simpson
  • USATF Champs: 110H winner Devon Allen
  • USATF Champs: high jump winner Erik Kynard
  • USATF Champs: triple jump winner Will Claye
  • USATF Champs: 200 winner Curtis Mitchell
  • USATF Champs: 800 winner Duane Solomon
  • USATF Champs: 5000 winner Molly Huddle
  • USATF Champs: 100 winner Tianna Bartoletta
  • USATF Champs: decathlon winner Trey Hardee
  • USATF Champs: shot winner Michelle Carter

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