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July 28, 2016

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Lori Shontz of Runner's World explains how the IOC stricture " limits how brands that aren’t official partners can advertise or post on social media, even if they support an athlete at the Games."…
USA Today piece (major video component) by Martin Rogers starts by explaining the importance of samba to the South American nation's culture…
Ken Goe of takes a look at the new TrackTown USA venture, which still has an air of mystery about it regarding who is actually running the 4 teams…
Check out this YouTube trailer for a new film, opening August 5, that focuses on the African Americans not named Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin…
“A lot of people over the last couple of seasons have fallen prey to the unstoppable force Usain Bolt brings to the table,” Gatlin tells Sean Gregory of TIME. “And they just become subdued. That’s not who I am."…
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  • Maruszewska Klaudia Poland16a
  • Degefa BeyenuFV1 Poland16
  • Rainsberger Murphy1 Poland16
  • Lyles NoahSF Poland16
  • Kenzel Alina1 Poland16
  • Kaul NiklasFL Poland16a
  • Kifle Kwemoi KiplimoFL Poland16a
  • Masso Maykel Poland16
  • Napoles CristianQ Poland16
  • World U20 Champs: javelin winner Klaudia Maruszewska
  • World U20 Champs: 3000 winner Benyenu Degefa
  • World U20 Champs: Katie Rainsberger, 7th 3000, 9:00.62
  • World U20 Champs: 100 winner Noah Lyles
  • World U20 Champs: shot put winner Alina Kenzel
  • World U20 Champs: decathlon winner Niklas Kaul
  • World U20 Champs: 10,000 medalists Rodgers Kwemoi, Aron Kifle, Jacob Kiplimo
  • World U20 Champs: long jump winner Maykel Massó
  • World U20 Champs: triple jump winner Cristian Nápoles

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