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October 30, 2014

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Former Oregon star Alexi Pappas made her first foray into the world of marathoning by acting as a pacer at Chicago's 26-miler…
David Woods notes that when the race debuted, "only 5 World Series had been played. There were no major professional leagues in football, basketball, hockey or soccer. But there was running. There has always been running"…
Scott Bush covers just about every base you could think of, and then some, in his far-reaching analysis of this weekend's big 26-miler…
"The net which will tighten on those who clearly set out to dope will also ensnare athletes who ignore the risk of doping, a threat which has not been clearly publicized," writes Gregor Nicholson of…
In an article titled "NCAA's Fear Of Foreign Athletes," Noah Gallagher Shannon of Running Times explores bias against non-Americans, paraticularly in crss country…
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