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July 26, 2016

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Some scientific minds postulate on various things that have helped make such a tall man the World's Fastest Human. Claire Thomas of the London Telegraph reports…
"It is naïve of any of us to seriously think the IOC seriously have a zero-tolerance doping approach, but their many inconsistencies over recent years are still worth pointing out" says Nick Butler of…
Nick Harris says he provided proof of state-sponsored Russian doping as far back as July of 2013…
The decision to let inernational federations decide Olympic eligibility, says Philip Hersh, "…has been seen as (pick a word): shameful, fair, hypocritical, righteous. . .pass, punt & kick"…
Links to all the events at the just-completed U20 meet in Bydgoszcz, Poland…
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Results Links

  • Rainsberger Murphy1 Poland16
  • Maruszewska Klaudia Poland16a
  • Lyles NoahSF Poland16
  • Masso Maykel Poland16
  • Kaul NiklasFL Poland16a
  • Kifle Kwemoi KiplimoFL Poland16a
  • Napoles CristianQ Poland16
  • Kenzel Alina1 Poland16
  • Degefa BeyenuFV1 Poland16
  • World U20 Champs: Katie Rainsberger, 7th 3000, 9:00.62
  • World U20 Champs: javelin winner Klaudia Maruszewska
  • World U20 Champs: 100 winner Noah Lyles
  • World U20 Champs: long jump winner Maykel Massó
  • World U20 Champs: decathlon winner Niklas Kaul
  • World U20 Champs: 10,000 medalists Rodgers Kwemoi, Aron Kifle, Jacob Kiplimo
  • World U20 Champs: triple jump winner Cristian Nápoles
  • World U20 Champs: shot put winner Alina Kenzel
  • World U20 Champs: 3000 winner Benyenu Degefa

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