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August 21, 2014

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Correspondent Dave Hunter is travelling with the Track & Field News tour group for the next couple of weeks, taking in the pleasures of DL meets in Birmingham, Zürich and Brussels. Here's the first of his ongoing reports…
Paul M. Barrett of takes a long and detailed look at the crumbling state of collegiate amateurism…
Even though his official ban is over, the American sprinter still finds that some significant meets don't want him…
The weekend starts early for the Daily Relay with Thursday's staging of the Stockholm Diamond League…
Mike Rowbottom of takes a humorous look at the way track athletes seem to focus on certain words at press conferences…
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  • Daunay ChristelleFH-Euros14a
  • Diniz YohannFL1a-Euros14a
  • Porter-Billaud-Euros14a
  • Kudryavtsev-HusseinFH-Euros14a
  • Perkovic SandraR-Euros14a
  • Kszczot AdamFV-Euros14a
  • Gemili AdamR-Euros14a
  • Schippers DafneR-Euros14a
  • Meucci Daniele1c-Euros14a
  • LaVillenie RenaudM-Euros14a
  • Nana AntoinetteFL1b-Euros14a
  • Farah Mo-Euros14a
  • Spotakova BarboraA-Euros14a
  • European Champs: marathon winner Christelle Daunay
  • European Champs: 50K walk World Record setter Yohan Diniz
  • European Champs: 100 hurdles winner Tiffany Porter
  • European Champs: 400 hurdles winner Kariem Hussein
  • European Champs: discus winner Sandra Perkovic
  • European Champs: 800 winner Adam Kszczot
  • European Champs: 200 winner Adam Gemili
  • European Champs: 100/200 double winner Dafne Schippers
  • European Champs: marathon winner Daniele Meucci
  • European Champs: pole vault winner Renaud Lavillenie
  • European Champs: heptathlon winner Antoinette Nana
  • European Champs: 5K/10K double winner Mo Farah
  • European Champs: javelin winner Barbora Spotáková

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