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February 26, 2017

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Liam Morgan of says that having only 2 candidate cities left for the '24 Summer bidding casts further doubt over Thomas Bach's "Agenda 2020"…
The London Times claims a leaked WADA report links the noted American distance coach with questionable practices. Registration is required to read the story, but the BBC has a summation here…
Alan Abrahamson doesn't think much of the upcoming U.S. government hearings that wil involve Russian doping…
In the third of our Big Question series, Jon Hendershott takes a nuanced look at the hang-'em-up decision made by multi-eventings first family…
Sarah Barker of Deadspin looks at the IAAF's ongoing efforts to curtail the burgeoning change-of-allegiance phenomenon…
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  • Crawford Graham4xM1 OConnor17
  • Merber Kyle4xMFV1 OConnor17

  • Cabral Palmer Crawford Merber4xM OConnor17
  • Palmer Cabral4xM OConnor17
  • Cabral Don4xM OConnor17
  • McLaughlin Sydney1a OConnor17
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best 3rd leg Graham Crawford
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best anchor Kyle Merber
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4 x Mile World Best For Hoka NJNY TC
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best 2nd leg Ford Palmer (taking handoff)
  • O’Connor Invitational: 4xMile World Best first leg Donn Cabral
  • O’Connor Invitational: 300 High School Record-Setter Sydney McLaughlin (36.82)

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