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July 26, 2016

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The decision to let inernational federations decide Olympic eligibility, says Philip Hersh, "…has been seen as (pick a word): shameful, fair, hypocritical, righteous. . .pass, punt & kick"…
Links to all the events at the just-completed U20 meet in Bydgoszcz, Poland…
Juliet Macur of the New York Times says it, "seemed as if he would be a stalwart of a president who would fight for athletes’ rights because, after all, he had been one. But where was Bach’s leadership Sunday?"…
Blogger Alan Abrahamson says the Russian decision is "a marker for the ongoing vitality and relevance of the Olympic movement in every corner of the world"…
"The IOC went all wobbly in their moment of crisis management"… charges the noted blogger…
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Results Links

  • Kenzel Alina1 Poland16
  • Kaul NiklasFL Poland16a
  • Napoles CristianQ Poland16
  • Degefa BeyenuFV1 Poland16
  • Rainsberger Murphy1 Poland16
  • Masso Maykel Poland16
  • Maruszewska Klaudia Poland16a
  • Lyles NoahSF Poland16
  • Kifle Kwemoi KiplimoFL Poland16a
  • World U20 Champs: shot put winner Alina Kenzel
  • World U20 Champs: decathlon winner Niklas Kaul
  • World U20 Champs: triple jump winner Cristian Nápoles
  • World U20 Champs: 3000 winner Benyenu Degefa
  • World U20 Champs: Katie Rainsberger, 7th 3000, 9:00.62
  • World U20 Champs: long jump winner Maykel Massó
  • World U20 Champs: javelin winner Klaudia Maruszewska
  • World U20 Champs: 100 winner Noah Lyles
  • World U20 Champs: 10,000 medalists Rodgers Kwemoi, Aron Kifle, Jacob Kiplimo

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