Random about life

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Random about life

Postby BillVol » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:08 pm

Just posting these as I think of them. One thing you hear here in the Bible Belt is that God has a plan for your life. There are no accidents. I don't know if this is something you hear outside the Southern Baptist-dominated South or not. But you hear it here for sure. Joel Osteen says it.

Losing my mother the way I did just blows that theory to f-ing hell. She was really sad for most of her life. But she could not have been a sweeter, nicer person. But she had no luck. One thing: I think she waited for things to happen. Had "faith" in God.

Well, that is bullshit. God does not have a plan for anyone's life. You have to plan your own life and go out and achieve it. There are accidents. I don't think God gives an F about any person. If he did, people wouldn't die of cancer and have their heads cut off by terrorists and drug lords.

Prayer might be effective for achieving what you want to achieve if it helps you, in your mind, think you can do it. But God really doesn't give a F. Why he doesn't give a F, I don't know. Because I think there is a God, and I think God is good. Maybe he's pissed over the Adam and Eve incident. Makes as much sense as any theory I've heard.

That is my first installment of my thoughts about life, which have changed drastically after my mother's passing. I said this would be internet message board posting at its finest. Or I'm saying it now. More installments to come, unless I get slammed by everybody.
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Re: Random about life

Postby Marlow » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:31 pm

BillVol wrote:But God really doesn't give a F. Why he doesn't give a F, I don't know. Because I think there is a God, and I think God is good. More installments to come, unless I get slammed by everybody.

I certainly am not slamming you - you are justifiably hurt right now, but posting here won't help you work through it. If anything, it will make matters worse, as you put into words things you are only saying in anger. That never works out - you know that.
If you believe in God, go to your local pastor and say these things to him/her. S/he has heard them before and knows how to guide you through the pain.
Feel free to e-mail me as before, but don't lash out like this; it can only cause more pain.
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Re: Random about life

Postby Daisy » Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:32 pm

Bill, this has been my reasoning for a while. An important point is that this is not mutually exclusive with believing in God.
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Re: Random about life

Postby lonewolf » Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:11 pm

Bill, I agree that (if there is a) God, he/she/it has no interest/influence in personal tragedies or the outcome of football games. Your current emotions are not unique and, if fact, may be quite common.
I was raised in a fundamentalist church and came to agnosticism long before I knew there was a word for it.
Despite not being a true"believer", I think I have conducted my self honorably by conventional moral/ethical standards, which are mostly just common sense.. and, I admit, were probably instilled by that early preaching.
I have endured close personal tragedy and been victimized in business by unethical/criminal behavior. I did not blame God. I grieved after the former and seethed after the latter.
I see the purpose of religion(s) being to promote "good" behavior consistent with cultural standards, as solace for believers and really Big Business, providing employment for many in both clerical and service sectors.
I do not belittle your current situation. No one else can know your grief. Not to take a Pollyanna attitude, I assure you virtually everyone has survived disappointment/tragedy. ....It will get better.
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