Eugene Oly Trials hurting growth of sport in America?

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Eugene Oly Trials hurting growth of sport in America?

Postby TDB » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:32 pm

When I first saw the news that the Olympic Trials were returning to Eugene once again, I was not at all surprised, but I was disappointed. Disappointed not because Eugene won't put on a great meet, but because USATF missed out on a huge opportunity to grow the sport.


There are some other great options as well:

Aggie Stadium, Greensboro, NC
Drake Stadium, Des Moines
Edwards Stadium, Berkeley
Hilmer Lodge Stadium, Walnut
Hornet Stadium, Sacramento^
Hutsell-Rosen Track, Auburn (more seating needed)*
Carroll Track, Indianapolis^
John McDonnell Field, Fayetteville*

*IAAF Class 1 Certified
^Previous Host

I found this blogpost very interesting. I disagree, but very interesting. I think having Trials outside of Oregon would be a great way to spread the love amongst track fans, but probably wouldn't help grow the sport by a single person.

I could not care less about college Hooops, so when the NCAA tournament came to my neighborhood and was being played at an arena less than a mile away, I still couldn't care less.

I gotta believe that's how America feels about track and proximity really wont change that.
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Re: Eugene Oly Trials hurting growth of sport in America?

Postby batonless relay » Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:19 am

Can someone please explain the differences of a Class I and Class II IAAF certified track? I read the document the IAAF posted ... tion2.html and it doesn't make clear what the difference you get for the extra $9,000 (in situ?)?

-I know that to hold an IAAF event it has to be Class i but is Class I certification necessary to host a USOT?
-Can WR's only be set on a Class I, or are Class II (and III) eligible for WR consideration?
-And, if Class I is necessary wouldn't it eliminate all facilities except Fayettevill, Auburn and Eugene?

At the most recent CARIFTA games, the host nation was "uncertain" which Class designation they were going to get (ultimately, it was a Class II). How, is that possible? Wouldn't they know when they sent in the check with a difference of $9,000? ... &Itemid=50
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