Eaton interview

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Eaton interview

Postby 26mi235 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:54 pm

From Day's Best Reading

He’s more focused on what people are saying in online track and field chat rooms.

Seriously, he reads everything and takes note.

“A lot of them don’t bash me but say things like, ‘He needs to improve on his throws,’” Eaton said.

So, that’s what he’s working on — his throws.

This one?
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Re: Eaton interview

Postby JumboElliott » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:25 pm

He doesn't need to improve anything, and that's what's scary.
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Re: Eaton interview

Postby unclezadok » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:48 pm

I thought his throws would wind up at Dan O'Brien level. Now it looks like they may end up at Brian Clay level.
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Re: Eaton interview

Postby Jackaloupe » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:57 pm

As an inveterate AE admirer/quasi-worshipper, who only critiques his Throws out of sincere hope that he can indeed emulate Clay there, I read that line with certain qualms, vowing to be even more clear in both general comments like the potential benefits of consulting a Throws Coach, and specific observations on a few elements of his style--even including HJ, where he eschews the standard longish, measured approach, opting for a slow skip into the final 5-6 strides.

That said, I noted with surprise the closeup of his SP release, in one of the many articles published this week (I'll turn it up later): As distinct from the near universal ~45 degree angle, elbow up arm angle, i.e. wrist in line w/ the forearm to optimize muscular alignment along with directional release (not over the top, but along that ~37 degree optimal trajectory); AE had his wrist at exactly 90 degrees. This can often result in a subtle elbow drop and/or a looping release, maybe approaching a sub-optimal 40 degree trajectory.
[Note carefully the distinction between the empirically determined (See Throws Manual and other T&FN books) ~37 degree optimal Trajectory, and the ~45 degree forearm alignment (anything less would entail illegal 'throwing', not Putting) that AE adheres to quite precisely]
This Pic could obviously be an aberration; and Harry Marra is shown off to the side, likely concentrating on AE's well-positioned "block" w/ left leg--thanks to the consistency of the ol' Shuffle;~) BTW, this little "tweak" should have absolutely nothing to do with the Shuffle, per se.
And looping puts are not one of AE's problems, as I've noted his near eye-level delivery of at least one 14m put in the OlyTrials. But, if true, that would mean that he's effecting other, equally subtle motions to compensate for that errant (in my view) wrist position.
FWIW, in well-kept Faith.

Add: Here's the Link from the Santa Barbara Observer: ... -eaton-sb/
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Re: Eaton interview

Postby Dave » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:13 pm

JumboElliott wrote:He doesn't need to improve anything, and that's what's scary.

Scarier still is that there are multiple events where he Will improve meaningfully. Throws obviously. I don't think he is close to done improving in the pv or getting more consistent in the HJ.
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Re: Eaton interview

Postby Jackaloupe » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:30 pm

You're right on the mark there, Dave. HJ is seldom mentioned; that's why I've underscored the fact that his "approach" there is not exactly orthodox--not that there's any orthodox about him nor always his coaching, thank the Track & Field Gods!

Recall that he had that little Quad tweak in London after clearing 520. He looked spectacular clearing 520 in Eugene, before wisely moving on to Jav even while yet another PR was well w/in reach. And didn't he mention, somewhere recently, greater aspirations: to concentrate on PV somewhere down the line?
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