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Max Truex

Postby lovetorun » Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:31 pm

Max Truex is the diminutive, solid built mid westerner who went west to USC and became a multiple NCAA champion and Olympian. After an injury and bad experience in the 1956 OG he came back 4 years later to run the race of his life as he became the first American to run a sub 29:00 10,000m when he placed 6th in a new AR 28:50.2.

The one time I was able to see him race in person was the Compton Initational 5,000m I believe in about 1959 when he won in 14:04.2.

I was so sad when I heard he had health problems and died at age 55.

Anyone else a fan of Max Truex? Or can add any other info about his life?
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Re: Max Truex

Postby DoubleRBar » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:28 pm

Yes, I was a fan of Max Truex, however I never got to see him run in person. He always reminded me of Jim Beatty. Both runners did well in college and both made the 1960 Olympic team. Max ran about 4:20 in the mile while in high school, however Beatty did not run that fast in high school. Actually Jim Beatty started out as a boxer in high school and switched to track and field.

Both men were not tall men, but had lots of determination. Beatty joined the Los Angeles Track Club while Max was a member of the Southern California Striders. Both athletes came from states east of the Mississippi River (Max was Indiana and Jim was North Carolina).

Unfortunately, Max got Parkinson's and died very early at 55. Fortunately, Jim is still going strong at the age of 78. Max Truex would have turned 78 this November.
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Re: Max Truex

Postby slowcat » Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:23 pm

Regarding Beatty and Truex, Beatty initially competed for the Santa Clara Valley Youth Village [ San Jose Area] under the tutelage of Mike Igloi. When Igloi's cadre was lured to Southern California by Dick Banks[ there is a lot more to this part of the story] and formed the LATC, which later became the SMTC. Beatty and many of the group moved to the LA area. Related to Truex's outstanding 10,000 at Rome. Igloi gave him some training guidance and also suggested whom to run with during the race to maximize his performance.
If you want to know more about Max , his brother Don, who was a dentist and used to live in SoCal, probably could help. Don was a solid runner[ not sure if he is still alive]. I believe that Len Truex who was a very solid runner at Ohio State, in the 1950's is/was a brother of Max and Don.
The other person who could help related to the above subject is Joe Douglas. Joe was Igloi's heir related to the LATC/SMTC group.
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Re: Max Truex

Postby jhc68 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:34 pm

That last link is interesting to me: the one showing "Dental Runner" Dr. Don Truex running past the Cabrillo Bath House on East Beach in Santa Barbara just a couple of miles down the beach from where I live.
Another of the links shows Max with Santa Barbara running legend Gordon McClenathan, whom I have known for for a very long time.
I met Dr. Don Truex only once, four decades ago when I was at UCSB and I had a loose tooth (the result of incidental contact with the corner of a triangular aluminum high jump bar!) so the student health center sent me to the nearest dentist to campus. I was astounded when I figured out that he was Max Truex's brother. He was a very nice guy.
Many years ago I heard from people who knew Max Truex that as the Parkinson's attacked his physical capabilities he refused to give an inch. He kept walking even when he couldn't maintain equilibrium and and looked beaten up all the time because no matter how many times or how hard he fell he kept trying. One tough guy.
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