preview for boston 2 mile [2 HSRs for Cain]

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Re: preview for boston 2 mile

Postby az2004 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:20 pm

26mi235 wrote:
az2004 wrote:here;s the 9:54 cuffe ran

interesting cuffe anchor was a 73, while cain can go mid 60 range, cain has a huge edge with her kick as she can nail 8 seconds or so

im smelling a good chance to get the 2 mile mark

Cuffe ran very even pace in that race, which is the optimal strategy for minimizing time. If Cain runs even pace to her maximum effort, she is not going to suddenly go 8 seconds faster on her last lap. At that point she was running for time, not racing for place, where she would have a faster finish (but slower overall time). [Cuffee's last 440 yards was 73.41, about 73.0 for 400m]

missed this from 26m235 the girls from illinois, i dont know where she went to school, pushed the pace very early, helping cuffe get a hotpace

kayla beattie i see went to iowa but redshirted 2012, and i have not seen a 2013 result for her

i know waverly neer is at columbia

and wesley frazier will go to duke
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