Rudisha loses...Eaton AOY?? [or Merritt?!]

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Re: Rudisha loses...Eaton AOY?? [or Merritt?!]

Postby ATK » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:23 am

aaronk wrote:Bottom line: these are our personal picks!!

Oh so I can vote for the HS athlete in my area who pulled off wins in the 100-200-400-4x100-4x400 at a small meet in April as T&FN AOY? regardless if no serious comp was there, I thought it was amazing.
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Re: Rudisha loses...Eaton AOY?? [or Merritt?!]

Postby Tuariki » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:27 am

aaronk wrote:
mump boy wrote:Jason Richardson only won 3 times and lost 10 !!

Yohan Blake ran some of the fastest races of all time and had the misfortune to come up against Bolt, Jason Richardson didn't nothing like that :?

I also think Mo is WAY too high, how does he get above Bolt who also won 2 gold medals but also ran FAST. Mo did practically nothing outside of London

I'll post my choices later today so everyone can have a go at me as well :D

Right or wrong, I gave "home court" points to both Farah and Ennis (see my women's AOY picks).
Yes, Bolt was better, but he's not from GB!!
Bottom line: these are our personal picks!!

How come you didn't rate Adam Gemili ahead of Bolt? Surely his home court advantage would overcome Bolt's gold medals
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Re: Rudisha loses...Eaton AOY?? [or Merritt?!]

Postby mump boy » Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:04 pm

You obviously have your own rules for choosing AOY, ones that have nothing to do with T&FN guidelines. So there is no point trying to reconcile them with any of our choices, we're working within different parameters so they aren't comparable
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