Sites of past USATF/TAC/AAU XC Championships?

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Re: Sites of past USATF/TAC/AAU XC Championships?

Postby bambam » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:23 pm

dj wrote:Almost as much as you wanted to know about Celtic Park:

Disclaimer here - DJ and I are both members of the Winged Fist Organization, which promotes the history of the Irish-American Athletics Club, though the true leader is Ian McGowan, who was able to get the street renamed Winged Fist Way last year.
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Re: Sites of past USATF/TAC/AAU XC Championships?

Postby tandfman » Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:41 am

dukehjsteve wrote:Related NY trivia pertaining to Long Island is that until the mid 1890's, Queens included all of what is now Nassau County. Queens then split in two, with the western part linking up with New York City and the eastern part becoming Nassau County, between the now-shrunken Queens to its west and Suffolk County to its east.

More precisely, the annexation of Queens into New York City took place January 1, 1898. References to places in Queens as being in (or on) Long Island persisted for some time after that. And they obviously endure today when people go back to sources from the first few decades after the consolidation of Queens with New York City and come up with references to Celtic Park as being in "Laurel Hill, L.I."

Today, neighborhoods in Queens, such as Laurel Hill (and Forest Hills and Jamaica, etc), would normally be referred to as Laurel Hill, Queens, or Laurel Hill, NY. References to places as being on Long Island are limited to the two counties dukehjsteve mentioned--Nassau and Suffolk.
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Re: Sites of past USATF/TAC/AAU XC Championships?

Postby gh » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:39 pm

Mighty Favog wrote:.... The most notable missing data is the sites/dates of the '64-'71 women's championships....

If anybody else wants to try to help here, I filled in '66-'71. We still need the site/date for teh '64 and '65 races, although I was able to narrow '65 down to "middle of November in Boston."

Also no sign of any results from those two years.
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Re: Sites of past USATF/TAC/AAU XC Championships?

Postby Al in NYC » Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:37 pm

Al in NYC wrote:I'm interested in where the "Detroit" venues were. I see one of them specified as Meadowbrook Country Club, which if we're going to be nit-picky is actually in Northville, about 10 miles west of Detroit. I believe my father, who was from Detroit, ran in one or two of the XC championships held in the area in the late '40s.

I see from the list linked on the frontpage that the '48 and '49 races were held at the Warren Valley golf course. This is in what would then have been Dearborn Township and is now Dearborn Heights, a few miles west of Detroit. This information jibes with what my father told me about these races, which he described as being "way way out on the west side."
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