New HGH Testing Hurdle: HGH-releasers

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New HGH Testing Hurdle: HGH-releasers

Postby EPelle » Tue May 27, 2008 9:22 pm

Since HGH-releasing drugs don't contain growth hormone, but instead spur the body's production of it, there's no way to identify them through the current testing method, Sonksen said. ... over_N.htm

HGH releasers come in two forms. There's an easily obtainable sports supplement taken orally that, according to some studies, has questionable value. Then, there's a pharmaceutical version that's injected daily.

No athletes are known to have used it, but it worries anti-doping experts and federal drug enforcement officials because its impact is unquestioned, the government's regulations don't cover it and testing for it is beyond researchers' present reach.
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Postby Kevin Richardson » Wed May 28, 2008 4:18 am

Is there an acceptable range of HGH in the human body? Levels above that range might be used as an indicator, although not the smoking gun, itself. From what I have read, HGH used alone, is not terribly powerful for performance enhancement. It is much moreso when stacked with a steroid or testerone.

Smilarly, do any of our medical weenies out there know if testosterone boosters, such as those based on tribulis, boost testosterone alone, or do they have a similar effect on epitestosterone?
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