All-State Teams

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All-State Teams

Postby jsquire » Tue May 27, 2003 6:00 am

If you put together all-time teams for each state, how would they rate? I'm sure California is an easy #1, and the next few would probably be Texas, Florida, and New York.

State affiliation would be determined by high school. Three athletes per event, one all-star team per relay.

Here's my state, Ohio:

100--Jesse Owens, Harrison Dillard, George Simpson
200--Owens, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Drayon
400--Butch Reynolds, Glenn Davis, Jim Gordon
800--Dave Wottle, Mark Sylvester, Todd Black
1500--Wottle, Tom Byers, Reggie McAfee
Steeple--Mark Croghan, Sid Sink, Ricky Pittman
5k--Bob Kennedy, Bob Schul, Sid Sink
10k--John Gutnecht, Bob Kennedy, Scott Fry
Marathon--Ted Corbitt,
110H--Willie Davenport, Harrison Dillard, Jack Keller
400H--Edwin Moses, Tranel Hawkins, Glenn Davis
4x100--Owens, Jefferson, Dillard, Simpson
4x400--Reynolds, Davis, Gordon, Andrew Pierce
HJ--Dave Albritton, Robert King, Mel Walker
PV--Edward Cooke, Tim Mack,
LJ--Owens, William DeHart Hubbard, Joe Greene
TJ--Walter Ashbaugh, Milan Tiff, Robert Cannon
DT--Dave Andersson, Jim Dillion
HT--Clarence Childs, Jud Logan,
Decathlon--Aric Long,
20k Walk--Jack Mortland,
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Re: All-State Teams

Postby jsquire » Tue May 27, 2003 6:20 am

>800--Dave Wottle, Mark Sylvester, Todd Black
Eliminate Sylvester and Black (Sorry!) and put in Charlie Beetham and Barry King.

Add Tom Jones.
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Re: All-State Teams

Postby 1.97hjsteve » Tue May 27, 2003 8:24 am

oops jsquire, you are ahead of me on my new thread idea.

But before you can rank the states for their all-sta squads, I think my thread ( "Best in State all-time rankings", maybe 10 or 15 deep ) would be a fun thing.
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Re: All-State Teams

Postby dj » Tue May 27, 2003 8:50 am

Florida doesn't have enough history to rank as high as you think. New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Massachusetts would all rank higher, I think.

What about your Ohio women's team? Stella Walsh was a teenager from Cleveland when she first burst on the scene in the late '20s. Do you know which high school she attended? Or perhaps she was already a tradesperson as a Polish immigrant back then?

You've inspired me to come up with a preliminary Pennsylvania team:

100, Leory Burrell, Barney Ewell, Ben Johnson
(4x1 Jon Drummond)
200, Allen Woodring, Ewell, Don Lippincott
400, Ted Meredith, Bill Carr, John Taylor
(4x4 Maurice Peoples)
800, Meredith, Mel Sheppard, John Woodruff
1500, Sheppard, Gene Venzke, Larry Shields
St, Horace Ashenfelter, Pat Traynor, Jim Dare
5000, Curt Stone, Greg Fredericks, John Romig
10,000, Stone, Fredericks, Dick Hart
110H, Bill Porter, Erv Hall, Crip Moore
400H, Charlie Moore, Josh Culbreath, Mike Shine
HJ, Tom Moffitt, Howard Spencer, Ron Livers
PV, Sabin Carr, Rolando Cruz, Truman Gardner
LJ, Bo Roberson, Herb Douglas, Jason Grimes
TJ, Ira Davis, Bill Sharpe, Livers
SP, Ralph Hills, Billy Joe, Ron Semkiw
DT, Vic Frank, Erv Jaros, Brian Milne
HT, Frank Connor, Don Gwinn, Caleb Gates
JT, Steve Seymour, Al Cantello, Bill Schmidt
Dec, Barney Berlinger, Jim Wooding, Roy Mercer
Walks, ??

WOMEN (leaders only, and I'm probably omitting some recent people)
100, Juliet Cuthbert
200, Dawn Sowell
400, Sharon Dabney
800, Kim Gallagher
1500, Gallagher (or Shayne Culpepper)
5000, Amy Rudolph
10,000, Kate Fonshell
Mar, Martha White
100H, Candy Young
400H, Loriu McCauley
HJ, Jean Shiley
LJ, Dawn Burrell
TJ, Donna Crumety
SP, Janet Dicks
DT, Colleen Rosensteel
JT, Karen Anderson
Hep, Rebecca Grube
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Re: All-State Teams

Postby 1.97hjsteve » Tue May 27, 2003 9:15 am

I believe Stella belongs on the men's team.
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Re: All-State Teams

Postby jsquire » Tue May 27, 2003 9:44 am

Ohio's women have a much shorter history (along with 49 other states) and so an all-star team would be much more difficult to assemble. However, I've got some resources.

100--Brenda Morehead, Passion Richardson, D'Andre Hill
200--Morehead, Vivian Brown Reed
400--Nancy Shafer-Boudreau
800--Madeline Manning, Nancy Shafer Boudreau
3k/5k--Brenda Webb, Lauri Gomez-Henes
Marathon--Julie Ipshording
100H--LaVonna Martin, Donnica Merriman
400H--Tonja Buford-Bailey, Mary Ayers
HJ--Estelle Baskerville, Eleanor Montgomery
SP--Frances Kaszubski
DT--Kaszubski, Roberta Collins, Krista Keir
JT--Kim Kreiner
Heptathlon--Peggy Odita
Walks--Jill Zenner

My source, Craig Whitmore, has gone to extensive and often ridiculous lengths to research the history of Ohio track & field. He does not list a specific high school for Stanislawa Walasciewicz, better known as Stella Walsh. "She" did not represent the USA in international competition, and turned out to not quite fit the definition of female (if you don't already know, an autopsy in 1980 revealed some problems). So put her on the 100, 200, long jump, and pentathlon/heptathlon team if you like, or not.

From my desk right now I can see the discus cage where Roberta Collins threw 173 feet for an Ohio HS record. Some guys were using a football practice field for rugby that day, and when Roberta's flight came up for warmups the official went out and suggested they move back. They looked at the cage, nearly 200 feet away, and laughed. Roberta skidded a warmup out by their feet and they decided to move! Another stadium record right here is 19'4" for the LJ by Brenda Morehead. Not that impressive for you west-coast guys, but for Toledo it's pretty good.
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