some funny reading in todays news

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some funny reading in todays news

Postby SQUACKEE » Sat Nov 26, 2005 6:59 am

the two unfortunate people who were injured at the macys day parade have a reason to celebrate today. :D after sustaining injuries from a out of control ballon :cry: they heard that the authorities have invited them back next year!! :shock: ..............what!? so you can finish them off you maniacs :twisted:

in a local highschool football game the winning team won in a lopsided score of 60-6. :roll: the coach of the losing team said, " it wasnt a matter of us giving up big plays but more them making the big plays" :shock: wha, wha what! :shock: hey coach, please go into politics. you would be much better at writing up speechs for some lying senator than writing up defensive schemes. :wink:
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