Weltklasse watch

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Weltklasse watch

Postby voodoogato » Thu Oct 06, 2005 7:43 am

Hi everyone, this is a bit of a weird one.

My wife is from New Orleans, and has had some devastating things happen to her family. One of them is that her grandmother died while being evacuated. They only now just found out, and have also been told that the body must be transported back to Louisiana as it has been enbalmed as per Texas state law. The cost of doing this is pretty high, and they lost both their family businesses in the hurricane.

I'm going to be putting the Omega Speedmaster Automatic that I won at the Weltklasse in Zurich this year up for auction on eBay in the next couple of days to put the money toward helping out with the situation, but thought that I would post this message here first to see if any track and field fans had any interest in the watch.

It's engraved on the back of the case with "Weltklasse Zurich", the watch No. is 58472309, it's still in the leather case, has all the documentation and paperwork, and has never been worn, as I was intending to donate it to a charity auction. It retails for $2195US, and I think I'll probably get around $1500US on ebay based on the "buy it now" prices that I've seen.

Apologies to all, I realize that this is a bit inappropriate for the board, but desperate times and the measures that they bring and all that.

In that same vein, this will out me to the board here of course, but if anyone is interested, please email me at jeff@adamsmania.com
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