Why Do So Many Athletes Thank God.....

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Re: Why Do So Many Athletes Thank God.....

Postby TrakFan » Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:06 pm

BisonHurdler wrote:In other words, it seems the point of your post was to say "you people that are against religious freedom [which we have already established is not a correct characterization at all] will see, you'll eventually realize just how bigoted you sounded just like people in these examples!" . . . and yet, you were actually helping elucidate the notion that one day we will look back at our current religions and view them with the same amusement we currently apply to Roman and Greek mythology.

The point I was making, and what others have validated in this this thread is that it's somewhat "okay" or accepted to make intolerant statements when discussing religion. I never mentioned or insinuated that anyone was against religious freedom. I simply hilighted intolerant statements. Can this acceptance of intolerant statements be attributed to the MULTITUDE of intolerant beliefs and statements that have been expressed by "religious" individuals over the years? Of course! It's still wrong... Thanking their God publicly is something that many Christians do, and I don't begrudge them for that. It's simply a way for them to express their feelings; and one poster (slowjo) felt comfortable saying she was "sick of it." Although it's free speech weekday, I don't think it would be as accepted for a well-known poster to say they were "sick of" homosexuals openly expressing their feelings by holding the hand of their significant other -- even if they're accepting of their sexuality.

Disclaimer: I'm confident slowjo has zero disdain towards the individuals who make those statements.
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Re: Why Do So Many Athletes Thank God.....

Postby Friar » Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:59 pm

you won't EVER understand why people thank God

Because it's strictly a one-way street. You can join a person in thanking God for the health of their baby. But you certainly can't (eg.) reproach God for the death of an infant. Why one not the other: it isn't a path toward rational living.

If you work for a good hospital you don't have personnel speaking in these terms with the patients. They understand that the only thing that matters in a medical atmosphere is science and humanity (plus some optimism). Leave God out of it.
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