Sierra Club Looks At VP Candidates

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Sierra Club Looks At VP Candidates

Postby gh » Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:11 pm

I just happened to poick up the July/August issue of the SC magazine, which came out way before any choices were made, and they, predictably, were looking at "green" VP candidates.

There was the obvious Al Gore, but also Mike Huckabee and Arnold Schwarzenegger among the 8 names they mentioned. The kicker was.... Tina Fey! Months before anyone had heard of Gov. Palin.

<<We've had plenty of vice presidents who were jokes, so why not a former SNL joke writer?>>
<<Upside: Fey's own Hillary Clinton-reviving SNL sketch may have said it best: "Bitches get stuff done."

Downside: No foreign policy experience......>>

How prescient is that?!
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