Obama an Orphan

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Obama an Orphan

Postby eldrick » Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:24 am

This is not meant as anything profound, but I just feel very sad for Obama in being an orphan at a pretty young age ( 34y old ). His father died in the early '80s a broken man when Jr. was just 21y ( albeit little contact ) & I read the terrible story of his mother dying in '95 aged 52y of the terrible curse of Breast cancer ( took our beloved Louse Tricard recently ), when he said she spent her final months

"more worried about paying her medical bills than getting well."

( A terrible indictment of the American Health Care System - I knock our British "socialist" healthcare system, but it would never have happened here - if Prince or Pauper turns up at my consulting room, I can send either to best hospitals in London, free of charge & everything always paid for by govt. )

Win or lose, it's terrible for him not have had this quite extraordinary woman not have at least seen him at this time.

Also, I dearly hope his grandma survives for another 2 weeks, as it would be absolutely terrible if he had no maternal ancestors at all to see his possible triumph ( I'm quite biased - what do you expect ( ? ) I'm from Kenya )

Interesting links to his ancestors :




( My father ( who was a policeman in Kenya until '69 ) told me an interesting story about the politics of Kenya in late '60s which does shed some light on Obama senior's catastrophic later life, but that's another post )
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