A victory for BBC. No more free videos of all BBC programs

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A victory for BBC. No more free videos of all BBC programs

Postby athleticshushmail » Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:05 am

Its a great day for the BBC. For the last couple years, most of their programs (including all the major track and field meets) have been available for free download on the website thebox.bz
Thebox just announced this week, however, that they are closing. This is where many people got downloads of the full Moscow sessions and the full Diamond League meets, I think thebox might have been responding to the breakthrough MPAA victory over hotfile.com. Slowly but surely, these type of sites are being finally stopped.
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Re: A victory for BBC. No more free videos of all BBC progra

Postby eldanielfire » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:17 am

While I don't endorse illegal downloading, it does frustrate me that past sporting events are held away from the public and not made available in any reasonable format. I also don't honestly see why companies take issue with sites/youtube uploaders showing past programs that is obviously never going to be shown again and in the case of the BBC doesn't impact upon their profits as they are public service broadcaster.
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Re: A victory for BBC. No more free videos of all BBC progra

Postby Bob Duncan » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:56 pm

In a similar vein, I noticed last week that the WorldSportGirls3 presentation of the Brussels Diamond League meeting has now been removed and a notice posted regarding some frigging violation.

I'm glad that I watched the replay of the meet before it was removed, not being able to watch the live, poor-quality feeds that I would have resorted to because of my cable company's lack of access to the Universal Sports hegemony. WorldSportGirls/WorldSportGirls3 helped make my summer considerably more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise before they were dinged (actually for the second time) on these "rights".

All of this is just one more damned thing to make this great sport inaccessible to the masses or at least to us hard-core fanatics. I blame USATF for not taking the lead in solving these kinds of problems for those of us here in the states.
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