Mad Men: Arcane T&F Reference

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Mad Men: Arcane T&F Reference

Postby wamego relays champ » Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:47 pm

I was catching up on the last few episodes of Season 6 of AMC's Mad Men, which take place during the summer of 1968, when a very arcane reference to track & field was made.

A minor character, who is an 18 year-old male with a draft number of 1-A, was talking to someone about maybe going to college and the kid says ""Michigan is in the big 10, Ron Kutschinski just ran the fastest 1/2 mile in the world. He is going to the Olympics."

The series is always really good with the timing and details of various cultural touchstones of the 1960's. I was kind of expecting them to refer to the Smith & Carlos affair once the timeline moved into October. During the late summer of 1968, one might be discussing the proposed boycott by African American athletes, but a reference to Ron Kutschinski, while remarkably accurate, really came out of left field. (It had nothing to do with the plot, and I'm not sure they had even mentioned the 18-year old character being a into track).

I figure one of the writers or directors might a a track fan, or certainly a Michigan alum.

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