Music: the greatest generation.

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Re: Music: the greatest generation.

Postby CookyMonzta » Thu May 23, 2013 11:19 pm

Flumpy wrote:
cullman wrote:The worst Pop music in the world? Voila, Eurovision Song Contest Winners 1956 - 2010:

Nonsense. Some right shit has won Eurovision but the likes of 'Waterloo', 'What's Another Year', 'Making Your Mind Up', A Little Peace', 'Let It Swing', 'Diva', 'Take Me To Your Heaven', 'Wild Dances', 'Molitva' and 'Believe' etc are all great pop songs.

I mean if you think the winners list is bad then surely the users list must be way worse.

The worst pop music in the world has almost all been made by one act.........

Eurovision has nothing on their heinous output.

Though I have been aware of this contest since 2006 (when Lordi's win made the news in the U.S., which caught my attention), it was only this year that I watched the whole thing for the first time (I didn't get broadband until 2009). I made sure I watched as much of the contest's past history as was available at YouTube.

I must say I was thoroughly entertained. Danes deserved to win, though I thought some of the other countries deserved better than what they got. No doubt, it seems that the one complaint that sticks out ahead of the rest is the regional/diaspora voting.
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