Tyler Hamilton's Secret Race

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Re: Tyler Hamilton's Secret Race

Postby 26mi235 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:27 am

If it is as easy and effective as some have been generally implying then I cannot imagine that it would not be rife in track and field. Note that the proportion of doping tests is lower for track and field (I think) than for high-level cycling and that cycling uses more blood tests (again, I think). I also think that the characteristics of cycling provide somewhat heavier incentives to use PEDs than does T&F, though some subsets of T&F might be as high or may be as high or higher in certain types of PEDs (strength stuff in the weight events).
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Re: Tyler Hamilton's Secret Race

Postby meninblack » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:11 am

Blues wrote:
meninblack wrote:
Blues wrote:Unfortunately similar doping techniques to what Hamilton describes are also often used by athletes who choose to dope in our sport of T&F too.

Are you speculating here or do you have some specific evidence to back up this claim?

I've heard my share of first hand stories regarding the use of micro-dosing in track and fieldl

"First hand" from the athletes and/or coaches themselves??? If so, its time to "name and shame" the individuals concerned.
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Re: Tyler Hamilton's Secret Race

Postby bambam » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:08 pm

Just finished another book - Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh. This one is about Lance Armstrong. It was OK but preferred Hamilton's Secret Race

Walsh is the guy who co-wrote L.A. Confidentiel (in French) back around 2002, which basically laid out the case for Armstrong being a serial doper. That book was only published in French as he was sued in multiple places by Armstrong.

This one updates the story after the Hamilton/Landis revelations and the USADA decision this summer. It really does not have much new after reading the USADA decision and some of the affidavits (I didn't read them all). But it does show that he was well ahead of his time in coming to the correct conclusion here.

Interesting how Armstrong has made no public statements in months now regarding all this.
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