Today was Bob Dylan Day...for me!

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Today was Bob Dylan Day...for me!

Postby aaronk » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:20 pm

No, I have NOT forgotten the tragedy that befell us on September 11th, 11 years ago!!
I will never forget!!

But Sept 11th, for me, is also a day when I think of Bob Dylan.
(Actually, it's a RARE day that I do NOT think about Dylan in some way!!)

Today, Dylan released his latest new CD, "Tempest".
I've already bought it, and listened to it twice!!

It's right up there with the CD's he's put out in the past 15 years: "Time Out of Mind" in 1997, "Love and Theft" in 2001, and "Modern Times" in 2006.
(He released several other CD's since 1997, but they were either part of his "Bootleg" collection, or were, comparatively, of less consequence and quality. Though I did LOVE his album of Christmas songs he put out a few years ago!!)

Anyway, briefly, after two complete listenings, my favorite "Tempest" songs are:

1. Narrow Way, Early Roman Kings, and Tempest. (a 3-way tie!!)
4. Pay in Blood
5. Soon After Midnight
6. Long and Wasted Years
7. Scarlet Town
8. Duquesne Whistle
9. Tin Angel
10. Roll On John.

I'm a lyrics person, being a poet myself, so I look to his lyrics first, then the music, then the overall song.

Lyrically, after 2 listenings, I thought those top 3 were best.
I enjoyed the music of Duquesne Whistle most.
It was different.
Tempest (the song) is about the sinking of the Titanic, and while it doesn't tell us anything we don't already know, it tells the story in a straightforward narrative fashion, and adds a dash of poetic flash.

Another reason this was Dylan day for me is because I received my latest issue of Rolling Stone in the mail today, and Dylan is the cover boy, and there's a LONG Q&A interview with him.

So I got a double dose of Mr D today....a fantastic new CD and my RS with a GREAT interview with him in it!!

Another reason September 11th is associated with Dylan is because, besides "Tempest", he also released "Love and Theft" on this 2001.

(He did NOT know what would happen that day. The release of the CD had been scheduled months in advance for that date!!)

But in the song "Mississippi", which is on "L&T", he sings these "prophetic" lines:

Stick with me, baby
Stick with me, anyhow
Things should start to get interesting right about now!!

Boy, did they ever!!!
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