What's The Worst Sports Injury You've Ever Had?

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Postby lonewolf » Thu Dec 01, 2005 2:39 pm

In HS and college, aside from the occasional "charley horse" or heel bruise, I never had a serious running related injury. I did snap the fifth metatarsal in my left (non-take off foot) in a HS meet but they just taped it and sent me out to run the mile relay. Forty years later, I stepped on a dirt clod while running and snapped the same bone in my right foot. Again, the doc taped it and subsequently I was able to jump from that foot with no problem, except I had lost a couple of meters distance in the intervening years.

It didn't seem so bad at the time but the worst ( read disastrous) sports injury I experienced was my inagural attemp to water ski. I had some modest success as a sprinter/jumper in masters track and in July 1981, as I approached my 50th birthday, I was probably in the best condition of my life. I had my unannounced sights set on the masters age group 400 meter record, maybe even break 50. Two weeks prior, my 25 year old son paced me in a 51 flat match race staged by our local running club. I figured adrenalin to take care of that last second when the time came in August.

I fell a couple of times getting up to ski. Nothing hurt but two days later, I could not straighten my left leg if it was bent or bend it if was straight without pain. It didn't get better and in Feb 82 the docs prescribed arthoscopic menistectomy (sp?). I understand technique has improved but in those days they just cut it all oul. After painful rehab, in Oct 82 I ran a 10:46 two mile (not my event) at age 50 on about two months training. I continued to run masters track with diminished success for several years until I hyper-extended the knee long jumping at national masters.. after which the knee was diagnosed arthritic.. I continued masters competition for another ten years but eventually bone on bone reduced me from runner to jogger to walker to biker. I have not been water skiing since.
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