Worst Alcoholic Drink?

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Postby Cooter Brown » Sat Nov 19, 2005 8:20 pm

bad hammy wrote:
Your comment about Corona reminded me of one of the hard and fast rules of beer: There is no such thing as a good beer sold in a clear bottle. They all look and taste like piss.

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Re: Worst Alcoholic Drink?

Postby tandfman » Sun Nov 20, 2005 7:28 am

wineturtle wrote:A very very young wineturtle and Tom Collins met one fine summer day... blah blah... fast forward to trying to figure out ,thru the haze,what all those red flecks all over the bed,pillow and my chest were .As Mommy wineturtle is screaming "He's Dead-He's Dead!! My baby is dead!!!
Never had a drink of gin since . . .

One hot June day many, many years ago, a thirsty young tandfman accepted an offer of hospitality from a friend and learned the hard way the answer to the question "What does a 50-50 mixture of gin and cherry kool-aid taste like?" The answer, it turned out, is that it tastes exactly like cherry kool-aid.

After a few hours of unconsciousness, I did recover from that experience, but I learned a different and much better lesson than the one that wineturtle derived from his encounter with Mr. Collins. I still drink gin. But I haven't had a drop of cherry kool-aid since.
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