Looking for rare Coe Ovett Cram footage

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Looking for rare Coe Ovett Cram footage

Postby Jack Lovelock » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:04 am


I am looking for rare Coe Ovett Cram video footage to trade. I have a load of their races already but am specifically looking for good quality copies of early era races. Please could anybody help? I am especially interested in finding:

1975 Europa Cup 800 (Ovett)
1976 Olympic Trials 800 / 1500 (Ovett and Coe)
1976 Gateshead Mile (Coe)
1976 Emsley Carr Mile (Coe)
1977 Emsley Carr Mile (Coe)
1977 Coca Cola meet Crystal Palace 800 / Mile (Coe / Ovett)
1977 AAA 800 (Coe)
1977 Brussels 800 (Coe)
1978 Brussels 800 (Coe)
1981 AAA 800 final (Coe)
1983 Gateshead 800 (Coe and Cram)
1983 Emsley Carr Mile (Coe)

I have a ton of stuff to trade if you are interested. Please PM if you can. Thanks.
Jack Lovelock
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