1920s track memorabilia available

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1920s track memorabilia available

Postby TrackCEO » Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:24 pm

I recently received this note:

Due to a recent death in our family we have some personal articles and many news clippings that we must distribute and discard in some fashion. The main subject would be track and field history during the 1920's. Some items, such as a travel trunk, are too large for placement in any of our residences ; however most are smaller news
articles, posters and photos. The main subject is an uncle, Joie Ray, who ran against Pavo Nurmi etc. during those years. I would appreciate your reply as to whether this type of memorabilia is fitting for your endeavor or any suggestions and contact information that I may use. Joie competed for the I.A.C in Chicago, competed in the Olympic Games, and against the Chicago Athletic Club for many years. Any help would be appreciated.

If anyone has ideas, please send me a note at TrackCEO (at) aol.com, and I'll forward it to the party involved.


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