Dan Pfaff's General Strength DVD-

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Dan Pfaff's General Strength DVD-

Postby Tom Green » Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:45 pm

Here is an excellent video I recently purchased-

Dan Pfaff's General Strength DVD-

Dan Pfaff's General Strength DVD- Description (from back of DVD case)

Dan Pfaff is one of the most-versatile and well-respected track and field coaches in the world. He has trained five Olympic sprinters to run under 10 seconds in the 100 meters as well as a variety of field event athletes. 33 Olympians in all (this was before the current US Olympic Trials). His humble low-key persona belies his level of expertise in the type of holistic coaching that has generated perennial success for his athletes. Always reading and learning, he tirelessly devoted to expanding his knowledge base in areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, and mental preparation. He has also served as a speed coach and training consultant for professional football, tennis, baseball, golfers, Olympic skiers and bobsled.

The exercises are demonstrated by Amy Acuff, 4-Time Olympian, Tommy Skipper, NCAA Champion, and Brock Kreitzburg, Olympian.

A PDF of all the Exercise Series is included with the DVD-

General Strength Exercise- Series (each has from 6 to 14 exercises)

Multiple Throw Exercise- Series (each has 5 to 12 throws)

Multiple Jump Exercise- Series (each 4 to 6 jumps)


Dan Pfaff's general strength circuits have been the tried and true cornerstone of his speed/power athletes for decades. Many others have adopted bits and pieces of these series, but exercise sequencing and attention to detail in executing the movements is the best route to athletic development and injury prevention.

The proceeds from the DVD go to help fund the athletes at the Tri-Valley Athletics-


Tri-Valley Athletics was founded in 1999 as a small local club to support and promote pole vaulting in the Tri-Valley.

Since its initial inception as a dedicated pole vault club, we has incorporated in the State of California, applied for and been granted not for profit status with both the federally and state recognized agencies and are now an officially recognized 501(C) 3 Public Charity. The club was funded solely by membership dues and grew over time to become a large youth movement in Northern California.

This year Tri-Valley expanded to add elite post-collegiate athletes training for this summer’s Beijing Olympics and beyond.

The DVD has only been promoted through word of mouth. It is an excellent DVD and also included on the DVD a PDF on Dan Pfaff’s General Strength Program. The general strength information provided in the DVD is an excellent addition to any coach working with speed/power athletes and the proceeds go to a good cause. :D


Language: English
Video: NTSC Color DVD 4:3
Duration: 35 min.

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Re: Dan Pfaff's General Strength DVD-

Postby buckeye II » Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:16 pm

Tom Green wrote:Here is an excellent video I recently purchased-
Dan Pfaff's General Strength DVD-

They charged my credit card account over a month ago and I have yet to see the product.
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Postby cladthin » Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:55 am

MFathletic is out of this product (the Pfaff dvd) and has been so since October. According to them, they have contacted DP about needing additional copies to sell but have not received a response back.

I'd appreciate knowing if anyone here is aware of if and where this might be still be available.
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