Need footage from 1960 and 1964 olympics and one book

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Need footage from 1960 and 1964 olympics and one book

Postby paw » Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:08 am

I want footage from:
Olympics in Berlin 1936: 400 metres hurdles final with Glenn Hardin

Olympics in Rome 1960: 400 metres Hurdles final with Glenn Davis
4 x 400 metres relays final with Glenn Davis

Olympics in Tokyo 1964: 200 metres final with Henry Carr
400 metres final with Mike Larrabee
4 x 400 metres relays with Larrabee, Carr
110 metres hurdles with Hayes Jones
400 metres hurdles final with Rex Crawley
5000 metres final with Bob Schul, Michel Jazy, Kipchoge Keino, Ron Clarke,Bill Dellinger, Harlod Norporth: what a race!(Bob Schul's gives a exciting account of the race in the best book I ever have read about the olympics:
'Tales of Gold' by Lewis H. Carlson and John J. Fogarty.
(I have of course the Tokyo Olympiad on DVD by Kon Ichikawa, but You miss most of the men's discipline's in that 3 hours movie!)

and the book by Richard Hymans:
The History of the U.S. Olympic Trials - Track & Field 1908-2000

You can in exchange get tapes [NTSC] (one or two or another footage from olympics): Olympiad Series, the 800 metres & The Big Ones that got away & They didn't have a change & The Rare Ones & The Decahlon & The Soviet Athlete & The Australians, and 'Jim Ryun: America's Greatest Miler & America's Greatest Olympians and Stride to Glory

and on Pal VHS:
Olympiad Series, The Fastest Men in the World & Supermilers, Olympiad I and II by Leni Riefenstahl (english version) and The Jesse Owens Story

all the tapes are in fine condition, if not new!

I also have footage from all the olympics from 1936 to 2004, if not from all events so most of them, especially from 1952,1956, 1960, 1968 and 1972
write to me so we can figure it out, but only if you have the mentioned footage!
my e-mail is

the 16th of April: I have just seen a video on YouTube on
Michael Larrabee - Class of 2003 - by The National Track & Field Hall of Fame, the video include some of his world record run by the US trials in 1964 in 44,9 and his gold medal run by the olympics in 45.15 and some of the relay 4x400 metres. It's a very fine video from the National Track & Field Hall of Fame. I wonder if one as I in Denmark, Europe had to go to Washington for seeing the videos from the Hall of Fame or if I could buy the videos of the Olympics participants, I would like to see?
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Postby tandfman » Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:21 am

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Postby paw » Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:12 am

Yes, I know, but I have several times tried to buy it from them without luck,
every time they tell me, there is something wrong with the zip-code, and I can get through to buying it buy my visa-cart! I have even tried to write an e-mail to them, but they does'nt answer!
Back in 2000 you could also get it from where I have bought many dvds and books, but they have'nt the book anymore. But I hope they will have it for sale someday.
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