Two Books From Decathlon Guru Frank Zarnowski

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Two Books From Decathlon Guru Frank Zarnowski

Postby gh » Mon Jun 20, 2005 4:53 am

(this "commercial" originaly an e-mail to TAFWA members)

To:        TAFWA Members
From:    Frank Zarnowski
Re:       new books on US Track history
Date:    June 20, 2005
I have attached some information on two new books on US track and field history. Perhaps you’ll be interested.
For the past several years I have been working on a history of the American All-Around, the precursor of the modern decathlon event. Although the All-Around has disappeared it once was America’s premier track and field event, and the grandparent off all track and field’s combined events. Its story has not been told in its entirety. These two books are meant to be companions. Heroes  tells the story of the all-around in biographical form, chronicling its great champions, from Donald Dinnie to Jim Thorpe to Tom Kiely. Record Book covers the same ground in a numbers, facts and records format.
A:         The first book:  All-Around Men: Heroes of a Forgotten Sport is now available from the publisher, Scarecrow Press, Lanhan, MD. 288 pages. You can order it from them or obtain it via an internet sit like The jacket description is attached below.
Scarecrow Website:
Don’t be surprised at price: $45, pretty normal for with a short publication run. It is available after April 7, 2005.
B:         The second book is meant to be a complimentary to the first. I am self publishing it and it is ready. Title is: The Complete All-Around Record Book. Paperback, 190 pages. The price will be $20 and you can order from me: make checks payable to me and send to: Frank Zarnowski, 58 Second Ave, Emmitsburg, MD 21727. I am having a limited number of this book printed so don’t wait.
This book can be ordered from the author:
Make checks ($20) payable to Frank Zarnowski and mail to:
Frank Zarnowski
58 Second Ave
Emmitsburg, MD  21727
Allow two weeks for delivery.
All-Around Men: Heroes of a Forgotten Sport
By Frank Zarnowski







April 28, 2005


The All-Around, a ten-event track and field contest of endurance, speed, and strength, was the forerunner to the modern decathlon. Its heyday stretched from the American Civil War to World War I, and All-Around champions were, for the most part, well known and esteemed figures. After the decathlon was introduced in the 1912 Olympic Games, the All-Around was soon forced into the background. The event vanished early in the 20th century, but made a brief comeback after World War II, creating an athletic subculture for dozens of athletes who kept it alive until its final demise in 1977.

The careers of these early amateurs are highlighted in biographical sketches of the 22 greatest All-Around men. The book covers the great touring professional Highlander athletes, including Donald Dinnie and Princeton's George Goldie, whose careers did much to popularize multi-event contests from the 1860s to the 1880s. Zarnowski also profiles Malcolm Ford, Hollywood cowboy Fred C. Thomson, Avery Brundage (later president of the International Olympic Committee), and the All-Around's most famous participant, legendary athlete Jim Thorpe. The stories of half a dozen post-WWII All-Arounders are also included, most notably Bob Richards, the "Vaulting Vicar" of Wheaties fame.

The stories of these men--and the event itself--are finally given the treatment they deserve in this richly detailed book, which includes more than 20 photos. It will hold great appeal to sports historians, 19th century historians, and the fans, athletes, and coaches of modern day track and field.
About The Author
Frank Zarnowski has served as the color commentator for many televised track and field meets including the 2004 NBC coverage of the Athens Olympic Games. He is a professor of Economics at Mount St. Mary's University and the author of five books on the decathlon.
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