Desperately Seeking Adidas

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Desperately Seeking Adidas

Postby sprinterjones » Sun Feb 27, 2005 10:43 pm

There was a pair of sprinting shoes 1-400 meters that were called, Adidas Sprint One. They came out in 93'..they were white with green and pink stripes--best shoes to me where i can find them....i've been looking for years..
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Re: Desperately Seeking Adidas

Postby paulthefan » Mon Feb 28, 2005 3:48 pm

hope you find them.
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Re: Desperately Seeking Adidas

Postby paddyb » Fri Apr 15, 2005 5:23 pm

OK you need to check out Bourne Sports in UK. they are always selling old model spikes. May not advertise them on their site though - you may need to contact them. Only a couple of years ago they were still advertising adidas sprint ii (white with pink and green stripes) in an addition of athletics weekly - that model was UK size 8.5 for 25 pounds. Pretty sure that's the ones you describe. I agree they were a great spike. I have the accelerator from the same range. The ones flo jo and kingdom used to wear.

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i know some friends here in australia have bought from there and its cheap and good to deal with.
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