Is there any athlete whose integrity is beyond doping?

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Re: Is there any athlete whose integrity is beyond doping?

Postby run4urlyfe » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:00 am

jazzcyclist wrote:
luther wrote:No. Unfortunately.

I'd like to know if there's an athlete that a rival/competitor would be willing to put their hand into this (hopefully) metaphorical fire for. Sadly, I would doubt it.

Allyson Felix went further than most in her interview last year with Piers Morgan - no "I can't worry about that, I must concentrate on myself" or similar cliches. I'd certainly put my hand very, very close to the fire for her.

One thing about that interview is that it was obvious that Allyson believed that some of her competitors were dopers. Add to this the fact that Felix has been a pro for ten years and has experienced defeat and disappointment, and we can assume that she's been subjected to the temptation to cheat. I wouldn't put my hand in the fire for any pro who has been subjected to the temptation to cheat. I'd be more willing to put my had in the fire for highly successful high school and college athletes who have yet to experience major defeat and disappointment.

I saw that interview in depth and that is probably one of the biggest reasons why I would be devastated if she was busted. Alot of people thank god etc but she says she runs to glorify god and as a pastors daughter and someone so involved in the church this would make her the biggest hypocrit in the world.The wrath that would fall on her would be like none we have ever seen. She also said she hates to lose but her personal integrity and her health are not worth the risk of winning thru illegal methods.

The juiciest part of the interview is that she did admit to the fact she believed that people she was running against are doping and when asked why she felt that way she said..... its pretty obvious when you see peoples bodies change and their times drop...... I and everyone here knows one of the people she was referring to but i am now starting to wonder if she was also referring to another lady who seemed to get the best of her at the most opportune times????
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