Didn't Marion Jones run/jump her PR's before taking drugs?

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Postby skiboo » Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:38 am

CookyMonzta wrote:Given the lively discussion we have been having here, one must conclude that the issue here is far more complex than to simply paint it with a broad brush, as you are attempting to do. But then again since you are a newbie here I wouldn't expect you to understand right away.

No doubt many of us here are suspicious of her 1997-99 seasons, but we just don't have a smoking gun related to those years. We only have Sydney 2000,

I believe you are enjoying making what is obvious to many here - a ridiculous progression in next to no time after a long and unspectacular hiatus - into something "complex" and therefore good for a debate. When all we have is Marion Jones' word on the issue, and a lot of evidence in the form of unbelievable results, followed by a request to believe that she then became less impressive after taking drugs, I salute you for wishing to believe she might have been telling the truth. I'll vote for intuition after a very long time watching the sport, newbie or not. :wink:
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