doping: a modest proposal for a statute of limitations

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Should the results stand after 24 hours?

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We should track down cheaters forever
24 hours may not be the right number but something would be
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Postby Andrea_T » Tue Nov 20, 2007 5:01 am

tafnut wrote:As soon as you show me the proof that the others were dirty. That's exactly what I said about Marion also. When the proof came, I believed it. As it stands know, everyone else is in the same boat: 'not guilty'. Except the DDR women whom we know weren't.

Right, so 7,291 is a clean, un-aided human feat in your eyes?

What EG women do you know that were doped? Tell me which ones are mentioned in the stasi files please - all of them? I think you'll find they're not all mentioned. Do you know which ones are and which ones aren't? I'd say you don't. I'd say you have read somewhere that x has been, and so you have assumed there is evidence that all the women were doped, without there actually being the evidence.

The fact is we do not know that ALL EG women were doped, because the evidence does not exist that shows they all were - fact.
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