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Postby eldrick » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:52 am

EPelle wrote:1. Conte:s own mouth in explicit terms with the ESPN the Magazine

where does he state he had coaching ambitions ???

2. ZMA Track Club (Marion Jones, Chryste Gaines, Kelli White, Ramon Clay and Tim Montgomery) was alive and well.

he supplied them with nutritional supplements which they endorsed & on open sale to the public - a publicity step to boost sales of freely available supplements

where does that lead onto him coaching them & setting up his own coaching camp ???

Cut your crap, your back-and-forth nonesense and your losses now, eldrick. Save yourself the embarassment.

ehh ???

you quote nonsense about "turf war" which it appears you don't even have a clue the meanin of & now you are running around like a headless chicken having been picked up on it ?!
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Postby EPelle » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:02 am

You mentioned coaching ambitions. You deal with it.

I mentioned turf war. That was a top-of-the-totem-poll battle between two men who were trying to get athletes they were doping at the top of the game, Olympic and/or world champions, and preferential treatment in European meets.

Conte states that seven black cars rushed into the parking lot at the BALCO site, and 26 IRS and San Mateo Narcotics Task Force agents “in flak jackets [came] pouring out, screaming and waving guns. A helicopter hovering overhead. A half-dozen news trucks filming it all. They were using a tank to kill a mosquito.”

Why, Conte asks?

“For a turf war. The feds stumbled into a turf war.”

Conte furthered those sentiments with the TimesOnline:

“It was a complete inside job. Believe me, the doping officials would never have figured that out themselves. This was like East-West Coast gang warfare where they did a drive-by shooting. They realised that they couldn’t compete on the track and the only way for them to win was to turn me in.”

eldrick, I:m done with your back-and-forth crap, so you can take issue with this with yourself for reasons obvious. How deeply do you intend on burying yourself with your irrational, contrary, trollable sh_t here?
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Postby eldrick » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:14 am

for a large armed assault team to turn up & pointing high-powered rifles everywhere, & for conte to babble "turf war" under these circumstances meaningless

"turf war" ???

he was supplying drugs to anyone who wanted them - that is the business of a drug-dealer

for a "turf war" you need a competing drug dealer trying to supply their drugs to same/other clients

who do you suppose he was competing in drug-sales with ?

the medelin cartel ???
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Postby vaultman » Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:35 pm

A true wonder drug is something like aspirin, which can do about three different things. One of the hallmarks of "snake oil" and other fake cures is that they are touted to treated a dozen or more conditions.

When you see some nostrum that supposedly can cure a long and disparate list of conditions, run the other way. There is no such thing as a drug that can do all that. Save your money.

Another red flag is when the stuff is being peddled based on a bunch of testimonials instead of large and well-controlled clinical trials that are published in peer-reviewed journals. There is no treatment so absurd, say rubbing monkey dung on your head under the light of a full moon, that you can't find some people somewhere who will swear that it worked wonders for them.

Flaxseed oil is not a drug it would fall under suplement. It doesn't have to be a cure to be effective. Most ailments can be cured with natural suplements or proper diet and exercise. Yet people are so caught-up in the lies of drug companies and the special interest they control. It is all about money not health.

We know that drugs, which can be highly effective, also have side effects. I do try to avoid those with the 'spontaneous combustion' side effect!

Look into all the the ingrediants of the thousands of perscription meds. Are you a doctor? If you are you have to say drugs are better if you are not you are like most other people completely in the dark. I try to avoid all meds that make me have diarrhea or constipation, causes impotence, numbs my body or brain or completely wipes out my immune system which covers almost all perscription meds.
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