Balco MD May Lose License for Illegal Prescription

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Balco MD May Lose License for Illegal Prescription

Postby EPelle » Fri Sep 08, 2006 9:16 am

Doctor in BALCO steroids scandal could lose license
San Francisco Examiner
    SAN FRANCISCO - The former medical director of the clinic at the center of a massive sports-doping scandal could lose his license for allegedly giving a prescription stimulant to a champion sprinter without examining her.

    The state medical board is seeking to revoke or suspend the medical license of Fairfield psychiatrist Dr. Brian Halevie-Goldman, who was medical director for the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative that gave steroids to top athletes.

    Halevie-Goldman allegedly provided the drug modafinil to the unnamed athlete at the request of BALCO founder Victor Conte, who served four months in federal prison for dealing steroids.

    The board identified the athlete by the initials K.W., but details in the report indicate it was elite sprinter Kelli White, a BALCO client who tested positive for modafinil after winning gold medals in the 100- and 200-meter races at the World Championships in Paris in 2003.

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