Bones, The Life and Times of Harrison Dillard, a book

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Bones, The Life and Times of Harrison Dillard, a book

Postby paw » Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:18 am

Some wrong facts in a rather interesting autobiography by Dillard with Michael McIntosh, 2012:

Page 81 – I remember having a great race in France, (after the Olympics in London], where I won the 200 meters in about 20.5 or 20.6 seconds…..
In reality Dillard did ran at best 20.8 in 200 meters turn at Colombes, Paris the 16th of August, 1948

Page 89 – I would be 29 years old come the ’52 Helsinki Games….So I decided to concentrate on the hurdles, even though I could still run a good 100, having run 10.3 a couple of times that year.
In reality Dillard ran only that year at best 9.6 for 100 yard in June, 52 – even though he after the Olympics in Helsinki ran a 10.4 in Wien in August, 1952.

Page 92 – Jack [Davis] was in the lane to my left…..He’d beaten me twice, once outdoors in the 120-yard high hurdles in California and once indoors in the 60-yard hurdles at Madison Square Garden.
In reality Dillard was beaten outdoors by Jack Davis and Craig Dixon at the Coliseum Relays in May 1952, but the indoor win by Jack Davis over Dillard came first at the AAU meeting in February, 1954: where Dillard had a win streak broken after 36 wins indoors.
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