Outdated heptathlon scoring

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Outdated heptathlon scoring

Postby trackstar » Fri Jun 13, 2003 5:27 pm

This might be old business to those more familiar with the multis than me, but it seems to me like it might be time to re-tool the heptathlon tables. Look at the NCAA Day 1 results (under Friday results, http://www.hornetsports.com/ncaa/results.asp). Notice how much lower the shot point totals are. Consistently, every athlete. Other events they're getting 800-1000, the shot they're getting 600 or lower.
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Re: Outdated heptathlon scoring

Postby Guest » Sat Jun 14, 2003 9:33 am

Basically the amount of points awarded to an event are meaningless. What is important is the differential in points for performance, and whether that is fair. In the shot put, the differential per foot is about 20 points. In the Hep that is about .15 in the hurdles, or .5"+ in the High jump. So a 100 point differential is beating someone by roughly 5 feet in the shot, .75 in the hurdles, or nearly 3 1/4" in the high jump. Whether you feel those are adequate differentials is endlessly debatable and probably decided by your individual athlete's prowess.

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