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Paris DL -- M 3000SC

Postby Alan Shank » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:40 am ... chase-Men/

Kemboi, despite his defeat/DQ to C Kipruto, is looking better than ever before the year's global championship. Pace was very good, too: 2:39.60, 5:21.10 (2.41.50), not WR pace but spot on for sub-8 and even. Mekhissi-Benabbad is sooooooooooooo consistent, getting closer and closer to 8 and always in the mix with the Kenyans. Every time he does a TV gig with a SC, Craig Masback goes into his spiel: "If you're looking for someone to root against, ...", and describes the mascot incident. It's old news, Craig; come up with a new "story". Koech beaten decisively, might not make Kenyan team even if they held the trial at sea level.

Haven't heard anything from Brimin Kipruto since May 21; his SB is just 8:14.97, but he's always dangerous, winning golds when Kemboi doesn't. Consesius K. is taking time off now, apparently.
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