Should Tyson Gay take himself out of the WC's 200?

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Re: Should Tyson Gay take himself out of the WC's 200?

Postby Blues » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:00 am

DJG wrote:
lionelp1 wrote:Having read the nationalistic nonsense on another thread about Gays undoubted violations in the 200m which should have banned him and was surely noticed by somebody who let him get away with his inadvertent fouls in the 200m, one should notice that the ubernationalism here and on our sister site on AW Forum spoils both Forums .
Too many fans, but thank goodness not all, both on T&F News and AW Forum in the UK can only view performances by the athletes through the prism of their own inadequate chest-beating nationalism. Sadly some would say thats patriotism... how sad. :(

We can be sure that if, in Moscow, Bolt beats Gay in the 200m by a mile but steps on or over the line, which is accidentally missed by the officials, the screaming by certain "fans" here that Bolt should have been disqualified would be noticeable!

If your scenario happens in Mocba, I can assure you that someone will file a protest against Bolt.

And it's not even Bolt or the winner... In an international competition like Worlds or Olympics, if ANY athlete's potential violation negatively affects the placing of another athlete or team it will usually be protested, and it's almost a guarantee that it'll be protested if medals are at stake, assuming the representative(s) of an athlete/team that was negatively affected are responsible and competent...
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Re: Should Tyson Gay take himself out of the WC's 200?

Postby DJG » Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:02 pm

Well you might say Tyson has now answered the question himself, and his answer is yes.
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