the Twisted World of Twack Twittering...

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the Twisted World of Twack Twittering...

Postby aaronk » Fri May 03, 2013 12:56 am

In my week away from this MB, I've moved solidly into the "twisted world of twack twittering".....and I LOVE it.
If only I could figure out what this weird universe is all about!!

I have just two followers so far.......but am following 24 twitterers.....all but one of them T&F-related.
I've written 39 tweets thus far.
(I just opened my Twitter account on April 22.)

We all are familiar with Lolo's funny tweets.
The friendship of Alexi Pappas and Jordan Hasay is well-recorded.
Training days of Alysia Montano, among others, are noted.
Complaints of aches and pains, torturous training runs, and lousy weather are revealed.
Unknown facts and figures are given.
Several photos....many of them funny and personal.....are provided.

While, as noted, I still do NOT understand what Twitter is all about.....I AM enjoying this "twisted" world more and more every day!!

My Twitter name is @AaronKrohn1.
Follow me.....if you dare!! :shock:
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