Penn USA vs World w4x4: USA 3:22.66 (WL)

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Re: Penn USA vs World w4x4: USA 3:22.66 (WL)

Postby mump boy » Sun May 05, 2013 2:37 am

26mi235 wrote:
eldanielfire wrote:Finally saw this, Great race, race a 400m relay is so exciting.

It's A shame TBO tried for too long to take the inside (why are British athletes obsessed with hoping the inside opens up?) before going around

The attempt to go inside was fatally flawed no matter the results. She has to take the outside pass and if she does not GB are DQed. It is stunning that someone at this level is so ignorant of the rules of the sport that they would even put themselves in this position. Give credit to the Americans for beating like a drum here. I am surprised that people here have tended to think that she took a risk that was silly and that did not pay off. She took no risk, there was absolutely NO payoff from going inside. Well, she could have gotten so far clear that she would have add enough time and space to pass by enough to be clear and then shifted over to lane two to make the pass, but that would have almost taken a fall by the American.

TBO and relays haven't been the best of friends over the years. We're just happy that she seems committed to it and she actually trying to over take people !!
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