The way to present T&F on TV/livestream

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The way to present T&F on TV/livestream

Postby aaronk » Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:06 pm

I watched most of Thursday's livestream coverage of the ACC meet on
And here's why:

1. I saw the women's 200 prelims (4 races), men's 200 prelims (4 races), women's and men's 1500 prelims (3 races each), and both 10K finals. The ONLY break in the coverage were about 2 minutes each (for ads) during the 10K's....and those breaks came during the 11-13 minutes marks of the race, so all the crucial action was seen!

2. Runners were called by name and team, so good identification of athletes.

3. Camera followed the lead runners (in the 10K's) throughout the race.

4. The announcer, with his Carolina accent ( :D ) was knowledgeable, informative, and enthusiastic, without being overly so!! (Like me, for example!! :P )

5. It was FREE!!!

If only the Nets and ESPN could follow the example of the ACC!!

ADD: Forgot to mention that during a BREAK in the action.....BETWEEN races, NOT during!!.....they presented an excellent 4 or 5 minute review of the 2012 ACC meet. There were two of for the men's meet, and one for the women's!! Lots of events shown, with info on how the scoring went, etc.

Oh yes, and both the audio and visual were clear and perfect!!
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