Yohan Blake, injured?

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Re: Yohan Blake, injured?

Postby batonless relay » Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:21 pm

26mi235 wrote:I was going to write something similar until I saw your post which not only said it before I got to it but said it better (and with more authority).

I have a question. Bolt certainly upped the ante, where 9.7 went from WR target to the level necessary to be on the podium with little chance to be on top without extenuating circumstances (e.g., Bolt FS). Has the higher target level resulted in a higher rate of injury for the top sprinters? As a second question, is Blake more prone to injury because he is so strong (e.g., he is not referred to as The Beast for no reason). Of course, others who are not identifiable as extremely strong have also had injury problems trying to keep up -- Gay and Dix notable among them.

I can't show in quantifiable terms that there are more injuries, but I think at that level (sub-9.80), whatever inefficiencies that you may have in your technique/gait, only lends to breaking your body down (think of a driving on a flat tire: at very slow speeds it's drivable, but as you speed up it becomes nearly impossible to handle). Most people thought that Dix would tear himself apart before he went faster if he didn't change his technique and last year while making the changes... It is believed by many that Asafa Powell's inefficiencies ultimately led to his frequent injuries and we could say the same for Tyson Gay (Gay admitted that he was training for sub-9.70 when he was injured). And, Nesta Carter seems to have been snake bitten (but he was never the most durable). Even though I can't actually say the speed itself is responsible, the body can only take so much.
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