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Re: Mt SAC--Who's Who & What's What

Postby gktrack » Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:59 am

EPelle wrote:Randall Cunningham the younger is the son of former NFL quarteback Randall Cunningham (Eagles, Ravens, Cowboys, Vikings)

Yes, and dad could also jump... quoting 'jhc68' from an historical thread, "Randall (Sr.) high jumped 6'8" practically walking on the approach due to his needing arthroscopy on his non-take off knee." (probably 30+ years ago, when in HS, I assume).
Note: his daughter Vashti, a freshman, jumped 5-10 at this meet for 2nd place, with the winner at 6-0 (US#1).
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Re: Mt SAC--Who's Who & What's What

Postby brigham#1 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:03 am

I thought Shelby Houlihan was running the 800m at Mt Sac?
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Re: Mt SAC--Who's Who & What's What

Postby trackonthebrain » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:37 am

gktrack wrote:
t_monk wrote:11.00 WL for English Gardner

But I've never heard of the the 'Olympic Dev' heat winner here at Mt. SAC?, other than seeing her name on TeamJet 41.79 relay today... 11.07 (1.2), #3 in World as of today... her previous PR was 11.40?

Her best legal was 11.53 I think and 23.50's at best. I think no better than 4th at PAC 10's in the 100 while at Oregon. Last in the NCAA 100 final one year and a consistent 11.5-11.6/23.6 sprinter over 4 years in college. Is she coached by John Smith? Whoever her coach is, I guess this proves how much better a sprint coach he/she is than the Oregon coaches.

Sounds like another Jeter to me - similar performances in college. Hey, maybe she'll win a world 100 title like Jeter. Aftert all, hard work makes you faster these days.

And Blessing 22.31. Wonder what she'll do in the 100 - her best event. Or Long Jump. 10.6/10.5 - 24 feet? Wow! And Yvette Lewis running in the 12.4's since she's been back with Pierce. OMG! That Kellie Wells must have rubbed off on her. After all, wasn't she better than Kellie while at Hampton anyway? Why should Kellie get all the glory? Funny how all these great performances are flying under the radar these days. I guess nobody wants to discuss. Lewis sure has gotten faster after all these years at 12.8-13.0. No need to quoter her times since 2006. I've been following her closely each year. No need to triple jump anymore.

And Eaton? Unprecedented. A decathlete beating a world Champ in his event? Don't think I've seen that before. Wait a minute. Didn't Jenner beat Ryun in the 1500? Didn't Obrien beat Allen Johnson in the hurdles?

Seems like anybody willing to "do the work" can be great nowadays. Cheapens the sport. But the fans like it and the sponsors love it, right? Oh a big sponsor did pull out of the Diamond League, didn't they?

Let's see how long this post lasts.
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Re: Mt SAC--Who's Who & What's What

Postby » Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:12 pm

Jeter looked to be in fabulous shape. Poor start, and to me it seemed clear she was going to win that before the hamstring.
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Re: Mt SAC--Who's Who & What's What

Postby meatball » Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:02 pm

didn't know if i should open a new tab but just felt like i have something to add. iwent to mt sac this weekend , from bay area, my 1st time, along time modesto fan and attendee, amongst others as jenner meet. we arrived @ 11:30 am to catch mens invite 400, we caught some great races , solomom sowinski, rodgers in the 4-100 and the 100 , gardner in the100, but by @ 4pm i was cooked and we hadn't seen the high jump and the 200 amongst others. had to leave sun burn was too bad all be it with sunblock . so my pt is why don't they schedule the invite and open events together run the high school events in the am . we need all the fans we can get people all around me were leaving @ 3pm.also iwant to add i picked a copy of saturdays la times not a word of mt sac in the sports pages. it used to my only source of track results.
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